is expired phentermine ok to take rating
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1 Answer - Posted in: phentermine - Answer: Please get a new prescription, hope this helps? Hiya all, I have two weeks worth of Phen left from when I took it last year. The bottle says to discard after 03/20/03. I want to start taking them

Weight Loss Forums › Forums › Phentermine Forum › Expired Phen. ... I have recently been taking some expired phen ... 90% of more than 100 medications were safe ... 1 Answer - Posted in: phentermine, period, expiration, pill - Answer: A basic rule of thumb for most tablets is to throw them out a year after ... I was taking phentermine 30mg in 2003. I still have some pills. Just want to know if I can still take them. ... Some 'expired' medicine OK, ... I was just prescribed Phentermine for the second time, and told to take half a 37.5 mg pill every morning. I was prescribed phentermine three years ago ... It's a safe forum where you can create or ... How to use Phentermine HCL. Take this medication ... Properly discard this product when it is expired or no ... Home / Blog / Phentermine: Is Phentermine Safe to Use? ... So is phentermine safe to use? For a wide variety of people the drug is never safe to use, ... TIME: 7.01.2012 author: bootsladow I is it ok to take phentermine that expired two years ago Google Answers: Expired Med. Is it still good? Two dead expired cough ... What will happen if I take 10year old phentermine ... those prone to drug addiction or who have had a history of drug abuse should not take phentermine.

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